Businesses in the private sector have the opportunity to do business with the government through the online portal called Fed Biz Opps. In this site you can register your business for opportunities to do business with the government. You must have registered for selling to the government before you can register your business on Feb Biz Opps. Once you are registered in the site, then you will be able to view business opportunities that are posted by the government. Every type of business, small, medium, or large, have federal business opportunities in Fed Biz Opps. But how can a business know which solicitations he is qualified for?

If you have already registered your business on Fed Biz Opps, this will give you the opportunity to sell your business to them by listing all its capabilities. Here also is the place where you can enter all the important business information and contact details that you want them to have. This site is being scanned regularly by government agencies when they are looking for qualified suppliers for numerous government contracts.

When you register in your site, be as thorough as possible. Make sure that you include all NAICS under which your company operates and self-certification status that are applicable and registered to your business. Examples of this include small business, minority owned, women owned, disabled vet owned, and others.

You have to be very realistic when looking for federal business opportunities. The first items that you need to search for are opportunities that are within your NAICS and self-certification status for which particular government contracts have been set aside.

To make sure that your company meets all the criteria for submitting a bid, review the qualifications on the solicitation. Documents and modifications for qualifications should all be reviewed. This will help you determine whether or not the solicitation you are considering is a beneficial and logical federal business opportunity for your company.

Ask yourself if your company is able to meet basic requirements to ensure that the solicitation will still be open as you prepare a bid. Take note when the bidding will expire. If it will expire soon, then you might not have adequate time to attend all the required pre-contract meetings and site visits to be able to come up with the right bid.

Once you find some opportunities when you believe your business qualifies, then gather all required documentations for submitting your bid. Sometimes it is good and sometimes required that you do a site visit to accurately gauge the complete project scope before the contract is awarded. Click to discover more.

There are many business opportunities if Fed Biz Opps worth billions of dollars. If you believe your company can profit from federal procurement on Fed Biz Opps, then follow the steps above to give your business a chance to work for government. Learn more

Fed Biz Opps and Your Business